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Yuliana, 34
ID on the site
Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine
Family status
not married
1 child, living with me
high education
About me
Body type
height: 177 cm, weight: 71 kg
Eye color
Hair color
Bad habits
do not smoke, do not drink
My travelings
Life is so interesting, and I am glad that I live now. I am a unique creation. I respect individuality and others. My mind and body are healthy, strong and harmonious. My thoughts make my breath easy and charming. I have a perfect health, state of mind, size, shape and color. My body serves me well and I am not afraid of any viruses. My Life principles are very simple, I do not know any Give up. And do not hurt anyone. As for my origins. I have the same great family and parents as Will Smith has. My mom and my sister made all to give me a great education, but as it often happens in Ukraine I work not according to my diploma! That is why I have really strong family values, because without support of family and close friends it will be very difficult to move in this life. Family comes first for me. What is your priority in life?
I am looking for
My ideal match
man (35 - 50)
My Ideal match?
1) Model looks
2) Great Cook
3) Great Homemaker
4) Never argue with wife even if she is wrong
If you are upset reading this, I hope you will forgive me and read on.

What I have listed is VERY VERY UNREAL!!! I have known some ladies are taking what I listed as their wishes of future partner.

This is NOT ME!!

What I am looking for a compatible partner are:
1) good listening skills
2) discuss things and make compromises
3) share housework i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry
4) not afraid to asked for help
5) kiss before leaving or getting home from work (optional)
6) do some exercise
7) have a great sense of humour i.e. what I wrote above

I believe this is more realistic for me with the second list features.

If you think you measure up or willing to try, you can drop me a line (i.e. write to me).