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Olesya, 34
ID on the site
Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine
Family status
not married
without children
high education
About me
Body type
height: 162 cm, weight: 50 kg
Eye color
Hair color
Bad habits
do not smoke, do not drink
My travelings
Austria, Australia, the USA, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Dominicana, Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Chezh,))) Actually I have been to more than 20 countries!
I was born in a very small village in the south of Ukraine! Such a small that we had just few streets and lots of fields. I worked a lot physically, planted fruit and vegetables, took care about chickens and ducklings and was taught to respect my parents and listen to them no matter what. My first date was in 20 when I was in University already, I always had a lot of men around me, but I wanted to achieve and make carrier first and than think about family!
I was always a cute child and a smart one that is why I studied well and after graduating from school I managed to enter univeristy! . My biggest passion was learning languages- English and Spanish.
I worked and lived in Israel, New York and now I live in Kiev! . I fill my life with many activities, they make me look better- three times a week I jog, three times a week I visit gym to squat to make my butt look like a hazelnut, I do yoga, ride a bicycle, visit sauna, I love skiing in winter, gathering berries and mushrooms in summer, I love cooking and canning vegetables, I have a kitchen-garden, I dream to visit new countries and see the world next to right person)
I am looking for
I want to believe that you are well educated; full of energy and zest for life, have great sense of humor, and you love nature and being outdoors. You also take care about your health and you are clean and neat man!
And you will be my guide in the journey of life-long !!!)))
If you are afraid of something to do, then this is precisely what you need to do first.
So do not hesitate to email me!
I do not expect gifts, cars, or any material things, they can never connect people for a long period of time. Do you agree with that?