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Waiting for you

Svetlana, 20
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Brest, Belarus
Family status
not married
without children
high education
About me
Body type
height: 181 cm, weight: 66 kg
Eye color
Hair color
Bad habits
do not smoke, do not drink
Well, It is very hard to describe yourself because there are 2 types of human: who always show off or who are pretty shy to describe yourself.. but I will do my best in that..

As all girls my age I just want to be needed, to be loved, to be cherished and I want to give my love also! I heard that foreign men are much better to build serious relations with! Why? just ask me.

I am young, not satisfied of what I am having now, have got ambitions and I am gonna get from the life as much as Life could offer me) and what You could offer me?)

But in the same time I am not going to stay here long..
Real is better, agree?)
I am looking for
There are three criteria that describe my future beloved the best - honesty, sincerity and openness.

Right away I want to start with my first criterion - I came here to find a mature and experienced man who will give me real and passionate love, who still has desire to be with lady. Passion is one of the keys to successful relationship, will you agree? Who can live honestly and do not cheat and betray, who can be happy with one woman!

As for my second criterion, it doesn't matter to me what your skin color is, where you live and what your income is. I'm looking for something more than material values. There are things that money can't buy. It is sincerity and openess

My third criterion is openness - you do not hide anything and you are who you are. I am ready to answer any personal or provocative question honestly and openly. If we will be face to face tomorrow, what would you ask me? Send me your questions in first letter to me.