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Marina, 30
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Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
Family status
1 child, living with me
high education
About me
Body type
height: 178 cm, weight: 62 kg
Eye color
Hair color
Bad habits
do not smoke, do not drink
You must have it somewhere on your laptop….Okay, maybe not laptop, maybe your mobile device, hehe… It must be somewhere there…Let me try to remember the name of this option… Hmm… I guess, it’s something something like …Calendula…? Oh, no, I am missing few characters… Oh, okay, it must be oracular…Oh, come on, still no…! FINALLY!!! It is calendar, dear…. I finally reminded this correct word…:) Already a day has passed, dear… A day…:) A day, and you are still waiting for the right time to talk to me… Or not waiting for this time, but sadly leaving my page day by day, without any actions… Please, give some clever thought to me - why are you doing that? Is it better to give up every time, seeing your chance to be happy… And keep watching, and watching, and watching…? And asking yourself What if....? And never getting the answer to this question? Life is here, life is right now, and nowhere else… Look at this beauty… How can you hold yourself on the wait seeing such a sweet desirable lady…? Honestly, if I would be a man, I would fall into this abyss of love without any second of thinking… Single, beautiful, smart, yes having a daughter, like someone tells with unnecessary «baggage», but a real tigress for your bedroom… Come on… Please, check are you really the man, who likes ladies? Then what are you waiting for?
I am looking for
My ideal match
man (30 - 60)
Welcome to my profile page.
Welcome to my life and world.
I hope you are a man of actions and instead of just watching, you contact me and ask questions that you have in your head.
I wait for a man that can keep his word. For whom a word is a sword. And he never breaks it