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Oxana, 44
ID on the site
Berdyans'k, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine
Family status
not married
1 child, sometimes living with me
high education
About me
Body type
height: 167 cm, weight: 77 kg
Eye color
Hair color
Bad habits
do not smoke, do not drink
My travelings
Many years ago I registered here, however, I did not have luck in finding my man, that is why I logged off and decided to find a man in a real life. To be honest, I have realized that it is not easy to do so. At the same time, I am trying to think positively and I decided to have a try on again. I sincerely believe that you are not for games here and maybe there is a chance that you like me too.

Let me tell you more about myself, so you will know at least something about my life.
Then you will make a decision whether you want to know me better or not… My worst characteristic is - I'm the owner.
Is it okay for you? Also You should know that I live and work in Berdyansk, Ukraine. But I was back recently from Italy in which I worked as a nurse. I like my work, however, it will never be in the first place for me. Work only cannot make myself happy.
What are my hobbies and preferences? Variety in everything, especially in clothes and food. It depends on my mood. Today I can wear high heels and a tight elegant gown, tomorrow I change them to blue jeans and moccasins. Sneakers? They are good for my exercises when I go out to walk with my daughter

My motto is smile to life and it will back to you. I prefer to live this life as happy as possible and share positive energy with others of. What kind of those thing would you like to share with me?=) Oops, I have started to believe that you already like me=)
I am looking for
Do you agree with the words "A woman is young as long as she is loved"? Personally me, Yes I agree with this quote and I want to be loved by man again! And if you also have such a desire, if you are looking for an adult and serious lady who knows the value of relationships and love, then welcome!

I sincerely believe that I should be a support for my man. So that you would like to return home because in my arms you forget about the whole world, about problems, troubles, misunderstanding and pandemic. I am looking for a man that missed having a family and for whom to create the family is one of the biggest needs!

I also hope that my man likes life, values every moment of it even the worst and hardest and knows how to make every moment valuable. He rejoices every second of his life.

Write me your dreams, hopes, goals, fantasies in a letter, I hope you are already ready for a storm of emotions?
Let's hurry, life is beautiful but unfortunately not eternal!